Dry Crumbs

By Lisa Rene Delgado Dry Crumbs With Joppa and Millo   As Millo sits alone high on the branch of a tree, afraid and confused he hears the voice of Jesus say, “Spread your wings and fly”. Millo begins to tremble because he is afraid; this is higher than he has ever flown before. He…


Joppa is an Ostrich who struggles with self-consciousness caused by bullies. She believed the negative words spoken over her, thus causing her to hide her beautiful gifts. Ostriches are beautiful, magnificent creatures of God’s Hands. Joppa means, “Beautiful”  Her friend, Millo was a lone sparrow who sat on the rooftop singing songs of despair. Millo dosen’t look like a normal sparro, he infact, has had quite a few accidents while trying to find that opened window of acceptance. You see, Millo injured his wing when he was first learning how to fly and was left behind as an orphan. His beak is bent from accidently crashing into those closed windows/doors, or from trying to force his way through out of desperation for acceptance. Just when Millo was about to take the ultimate plunge to end his little life, he fell into the Hands of the Savior, Jesus Christ. Millo means, “Full”, he has recieved the fullness of God’s love.