Building Uganda

 Alex Mitala was born in 1952 to an animistic family in Uganda-Africa. Christ Jesus found Mitala while on his deathbed in 1971. He was suffering from deadly malaria, caused by the biting of mosquitos. Mitala was in hiding as the police were trying to locate him because of his involvement in drug dealings and city gang activities. He was now a wanted drug dealer and gang criminal, all alone, lying sick and waiting to die. A strange audible voice spoke to him, calling him “Mukasa,” a name given to him by his mother. Three times the big voice commanded him to get “saved.” Mitala had never heard the term “get saved,” and had never heard the Gospel of Jesus. He eventually became well and continued with his rebellion and crime in the bush communities.

On Christmas Eve, 1971, Alex Mitala heard a man telling his neighbor to “get saved.” This reminded Mitala of the voice he had heard 9 months prior, and he went to this man and had to know more. This man, whose name was Bukulu, directed Mitala to a church over 5 miles deep into the bush. There Mitala gave his life to Jesus Christ.


Mitala began full-time ministry in 1974, preaching the Gospel. During these days, Idi Amin was the dictator in Uganda. Mitala was in Kenya training in a Bible school in 1976 and was supporting the underground church movement. For two years he smuggled Christian literature into Uganda and was finally arrested. After avoiding death several times, Mitala went to Kenya as a refugee until Amin was overthrown in 1979.

Upon returning to Uganda in 1979, Mitala founded BBT. Alex Mitala married his wife Catherine in 1982. She is a mother of 6 and a mentor to hundreds of leaders’ wives in Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya. Together they adopted 11 orphans and brougnt them into their home. Alex and his team have planted over 200 churches in Uganda and Kenya, built orphanages, schools, pastor-training schools, and operate a large agriculture farm as a source of food and income to support much of their ministry.

Through BBT, Alex has been reaching 4.7 million people via TV and radio evangelism and is the founder of GLOVIMO (Glory Of Virginity Movement), which is a nation-wide crusade that teaches young people about abstaining from sex until marriage. This movement has greatly impacted the nation of Uganda, which has seen the AIDS epidemic drop from 30% of the population, down to 6.4% in the last several years.

Elected by the General meeting of Evangelical Pentecostal Churches in Uganda, Alex is currently the General Overseer of the National Fellowship of Born Again Churches in Uganda, which is a powerful unification of over 10,000 local churches in the nation.
Alex Mitala is well respected in Uganda as a father to the people and is commonly referred to as Mutume (Apostle) Mitala.


Alex Mitala has been blessed with a wonderful wife Catherine. They have been married for 25years and they celebrated their Silver Jubilee on 15th December 2007.
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