Just Love!

James 1:17  Every good  and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.

It was Saturday, the day before Mother’s Day, 1999.  I was just a baby Christian and hot, hot, hot burning with passion for the Lord! I was so happy that I learned that Jesus really, really loved me and all my sins were washed away. Whoa, I shouted as I drove to work that morning and singing with K-Love; I was determined that nothing will bring me down from this super-natural high! That was the thought for the moment of course. You know, you say, “Bring it on Lord, I can do anything!

Well He did. He said, “Love your mother”

I thought, ok, I will buy her some flowers and a card; that’s good, that’s what I will do.” So I went on singing with the music on K-Love…..

Again, the Lord said, “Love your mother.”

“Ok, I will buy her some flowers, buy her a card and even take her to dinner,” And again,  I thought, that’s a good. I then turned the radio really, really loud and starting singing even louder!

Again, the Lord said, “Love your mother” This time my heart was crushed and I started to cry. I said, “Lord, how? I don’t know how!”

That moment, I did love her, for the first time in my life, I loved my mother for no apparent reason. It was later I realized as I read about the Evangelist, I believe his name was Ironside. He said in order to truly love as the Lord loves; you have to beg like a pauper for the gift of Perfect Love!

Some think I am crazy that this is the only kind of love I desire; but the truth is love has been watered down with materialist thinking, as I found myself doing when Jesus said, “Love your mother”.  As a child I believed that love had to be earned; but now as a child of God, I know it too is a gift from God to those who ask, he shall receive.

Let God break your heart, let Him empty it, then beg like a pauper for the Gift of Perfect Love! Anything less is not genuine; you will find yourself just loving those you never thought you could!

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