img_20190710_150833164I would like to introduce you to my therapy pal, Anna. Anna just recently adopted me.  When I first seen Anna on the website of the Rio Salado Humane Society, I prayed and said, “Lord, give us a pet that is good for us, and let Anna choose me”. I said, “If she comes to me, then I will know”.

When Jess spoke to a representative at the Humane Society on the phone, she said that Anna was very timid, and stressed; she had been at the center since April. She also stated that Anna did not allow anyone to touch her, and that she would have to choose her new family. When I sat in front of her pen, I tried to calm her because I knew exactly how she felt; fearful, anxious, depressed, homeless and alone. I tenderly spoke to her, and asked her if she would like to go home, but she turned and walked away from me. For a moment I thought maybe I wasn’t her choice, but the Lord told me in my heart not to give up on her, so I asked if I can spend some time with her alone. We walked around the enclosure a bit and she completely ignored me. Again, I figured, I wasn’t the one for her, but this time, I remembered my prayer, “If she comes to me, then I will know”. I let go of the leash, and sat aways from her in a chair, and she came to me on her own. I said, “Let’s go home baby girl!” I was so choked up when a couple of the workers started to get teary eyed and shouted, Anna is going home! img_20190710_155345_01

It has only been a week and she has already taught me so much. She made me realize that although we humans have trust issues; so does she, and we will work these out together. With her sad eyes, I have seen her heart say, “Don’t give up on me, give me some time to heal, I was fearful at first, but I seen your heart as well; you were unsure of me, but I will always love you”! img_20190715_093629608