Banquet Prepared

There was an old man who lived at the end of town, who had grown children who rarely came around.
His name was Mr. Wiser, but everyone turned his name upside down, calling him Mr. Miser instead!
Every Thanksgiving Day he had his servants prepare a feast for kings and queens. He had everything nicely placed, even the center piece right in the middle of a table as long as a grand ballroom. He sat at the end, gave thanks to Lord, and opened his doors for all to come in.
His belly bounced as his laughter rang, all the little children he was ready to serve. One by one sat in their chair, .
They all were welcomed, the banquet had already been prepared. Each and every one sat in his place, not a trace of stain, nor shame on their face, the Host of this Feast delighted in all. You see the host of this banquet is

Jesus Christ!