Clean Slate

A while back when our grandkids came to spend the weekend with Jess and me, most of our time spent was constant fighting with eachother. My grand daughter came crying to me and said her brother had hit her. At that point I was overwhelmed with this constant battle, and I did not want keep repremanding him; that was not the way I wanted to use this precious time.

I asked him why he contiuned to harass his sister; he looked at me through his big beautiful eyes and said, “I don’t know” I asked him to write on a piece of paper everything he ever did bad; he was only 7 years old, I thought he couldn’t have had too much to jot down, but his eyes widened and said, “Nana, there is a lot, it will take me all day!” I couldn’t keep my face stern but my eyes showed I can’t lie, I was laughing inside.

I gave him my notebook and told him to write everything he can remember; I reasurred him that I would not look at what he wrote. He was a bit confused as to why I was asking him to do this if I wasn’t going to read it, but I insisted he do it. After a few minutes he came to me with his sister by his side with a cocky smurk on her face; she wanted to see justice served to her brother for everything he ever did to her in all his 7 years!

I did not even glance at his writing, but I shared with him that as the years go by he will make a lot more mistakes and when he dies at a very old age, God will have a bigger piece of paper. My grandson became fearful, and my grand daughter’s smurk somehow disappeared and turned even more fearful. After all, she is one year older than her brother. But I said, there is a way to erase everything. By this both of them were anxious to know how this was possible. I asked them if they know why Jesus died on the Cross. They both said that He had died for our sins, but they did not know exactly what sins, so I lifted up his paper and they both understood. I said, if you ask Jesus to forgive you and come into your heart, He will erase everything, and when you die at a very old age God will still have a very long piece of paper. They look at me and asked why God will still have that page with everything on it. I said, yes, God will still have the page, but He won’t be able to see everything you did because everything will be covered with the Blood of Jesus. I turned the page over and said, it will look like this; it was a blank page.

When I looked at the blank page, I became choked up and my eyes filled with tears because I then realized this lesson was not only for them but more so for me. I have accomplished more sins than they can in two life times. I took my grandson’s paper and shredded it to very small pieces and tossed it in the garbage can outside. After this moment, the day seemed more lighter, and we were all able to enjoy the rest of our weekend.

Please take a moment to read Romans 8, John 3, and 1 John 3.