“If Only”

One day a lady was having her friend over for lunch. The lady was excited about seeing her friend; yet she was dreading her coming to her house because she felt her friend who was very clean would judge her. She planned on straightening things up before her friend arrived, but things did not work out accordingly, due to the hustle and bustle of activities that take place in a day with her children, husband and even their pets!

Her friend arrived a little early, and she was still trying to tidy up. She complained about the children, the mess and even the cat. She exclaimed all of the ‘If Only’s” as she picked up toys, shoes, and even the dirty laundry her husband left at the foot of the laundry basket!

Her friend smiled and said, I miss the mess, I miss the finger prints on my windows, I miss the chaos in the mornings as I tried getting the kids to school on time, and my husband off to work. I miss the car-pooling, and finding french fries under the seats. I even miss that crazy cat on my counters! My house is clean because I have nothing left to do. When I walked in to your house my friend, I walked into a house a full of life!

The moral of this story is never assume anything of another, because you just don’t know what they are thinking. Don’t judge either way, because again, you just don’t know what life means to them. By comparison, there is nothing to compare because we all live, just in different seasons of life.

Live where live, and be grateful because seasons change!