Walking out of my Beautiful Prison

December 5

I admit, this is very very difficult for me, and one day I will be able to share fully what has kept me locked away, but for now, One Day at a time, called, Today will be the start of my new journey.

Dear Lord, I am afraid, though You say, “Be not afraid, for I Am with you’ May I hear Your comforting voice guiding me through Today.

This is what my counselor gave me
DNA Counseling Services
Don Nemeth

Internal Boundary: I will not assume the emotional responsibility for his/her beliefs, emotions, or behavior

External Boundary: I will not accept the emotional responsibility for his/her beliefs, behavior,or emotions.
If I assume, I accept

I don’t have the power over another person’s life


  1. Patsi Moreno says:

    Love you girl💚


  2. Cynthia Carter says:

    Love you cousin ❤️


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