The Person Behind the Robe

December 2

With all the needles poking at by body by the technicians in red, nurses in blue, and then those long sticks the doctors in white place down my throat. The Lord has opened my eyes to see the person behind each robe. Everyone, including housekeeping and kitchen!

 A Person who has family at home who wait for hours for just a moment of their time, and we patients whine because we have to wait a little while for things so much less important, for instance a glass of water. There are so many cases here that are emergencies, we patients need to consider the Person behind the robe is still a person, but a person who can take on so much and still have compassion, kindness, mercy, endurance, perseverance, and love. So instead of focusing on poor me, I have been thanking these persons behind the robes for all they do, and praying for each one. I am also getting off my behind because I can still walk to get my own glass of water.
If we are still capable of doing something for ourselves, then we are lightening the load for them and maybe they can give their families those unused, insignificant moments we take from them, and for those who really need emergency medical treatment ASAP.

Looking at the Person Behind the Robe