December 2

Almighty God, seems we have been stretched beyond limits and the Lord has looked away from His children who cry out to Him, day and night. Lord, You said that even the sparrows don’t worry about what they will eat, or wear. We are more Precious, yet You seem to be too busy for your children. How long Lord, how long until You show some pity and look upon us with compassion, will You pass by and leave a blessing. We are looking towards You as a maiden looks at her mistress for just a simple sign. We want to work with our hands but You have held back the rains, we have plowed the ground, and planted where You have said, ‘plant here’, yet the wicked strut on by picking our fruit and stomping our vineyards. Hear our cries Lord, act on Your promises to heal our broken bodies, minds and crushed in spirit. Draw our broken hearts near to You, and let us feel the Light of Your Presence shine on our face, because You are Holy and all Your promises are true through the Atonement of Your Only Begotten Son, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, amen