Stop Picking on Me!

By: Lisa Rene Delgado Storyteller



Joppa is an Ostrich who struggles with self-consciousness and negativity that was caused by being bullied. She believed the negative words spoken over her, thus causing her to also speak critial of herself and her jokes were always on her.  Her true beauty was hidden beneath the rubble of her own self destructive behavior, and the beautiful gifts she did not know she had began to bloom out of the renewing of her mind. Ostriches are beautiful, magnificent creatures of God’s Hands. Joppa means, “Beautiful”

Her friend, Millo was a lone sparrow who sat on the rooftop singing songs of despair. Millo dosen’t look like a normal sparrow, he in fact, has had quite a few accidents while trying to find that opened window of acceptance. You see, Millo injured his wing when he was first learning how to fly and was left behind as an orphan. His beak is bent from accidently crashing into those closed windows/doors, or from trying to force his way through out of desperation for acceptance. Just when Millo was about to take the ultimate plunge to end his little life, he fell into the Hands of the Savior, Jesus Christ. Millo means, “Full”, he has recieved the fullness of God’s love.



“Joppa, it’s getting late, you don’t want to be late, do you?” Says Millo, as he makes a crash landing against Joppa’s door.

“Joppa, if you want to make choir, we better hurry, and do something about this door please.”

He says while he tries straightening out his already crooked beak from all his other crash landings. But she doesn’t respond.

‘JOPPA!” He hollers, and begins to pray,

“Lord, please not again, do we have to go through this again. She’s always late, and I really want to make the talent show this year. I want do some of my new flying stunts, and I bought this nice new cape too!”

Just then he feels a little tug in his heart. “Ok, fine, I borrowed it from someone’s clothesline, but I’ll return it, after the show.”

Finally, Joppa peaks out the door,

“I’m not going, you go on ahead”, she sniffles, obviously, she’d been crying.

“Joppa, why are you crying, oh Joppa, now what happened?” Milo says in a disappointing tone.

“I thought you were excited about choir, we’ve been practicing our talents, and you worked so hard on your new song. I can’t wait to hear it; you said you were going to surprise us. Oh Joppa, what happened, why are you crying, please let me come in, let’s talk about this!”

Joppa, finally opens the door, and walks toward her mirror.

“I can’t fix my hair right, it looks ugly” She begins to cry again, grabbing Millo’s cape to blow her beak.

Millo squeaks, “ewe not on my new cape!” again he feels that little tug in heart.

“Ok, my borrowed cape.”

“I’m fat, and ugly, I don’t want to go, I just want to stay here where fill safe, away from everyone” Joppa grabs the cape again and blows even harder.

Millo squints, and says in a low voice,

“ok Lord, I guess that’s what happens when I take things that don’t belong to me”.

Joppa proceeds, “I can’t find anything to wear, and anyway, she’s going to criticize me and call me names again.”

“Who’s criticizing you Joppa, tell me and I’ll go punch her lights out! “What’s her name? Show me, who is she, I’ll show her not to be hurting my friend!”

He fills that tug, tug, tug again, “Ok, I’ll have a talk with her” he says.

“She is” says Joppa

“Who, I don’t see anyone” Millo says as he looks around

“Her”, she points to the one in the mirror.

Millo is speechless; tears run from his little eyes and he just sits beside her.


Conclusion:  Sometimes there are no words to comfort someone who is held captive and hurting from the inside. Self-consciousness is very deep. It takes time for healing to come from the wounds that were afflicted by other’s, and we need to learn to be patient and kind to those who are hurting in this area. Millo, has a sweet heart, and loves his friend Joppa very much; he wants to always protect her from such pain, but even Millo knows, that this is an inside job; something the Lord heals from the inside out. Once Joppa realizes her worth, and feels confident in the Lord’s love and approval of her through Christ Jesus, she will be confident to do all the Lord has intended for her, and He will, because His Purpose Remains!

Joppa The Ostrich joins choir


Psalm 139, Psalm 45, Psalm 138, Jeremiah 29:11-14

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