The Person


As Domestic Violence Month is ending, keep in mind that for many, domestic violence is a way of life. If you know someone who is struggling in this area please, let her know that you are here. “How To’s” is not the answer they are looking for at the moment, and pointing out all of faults pushes her deeper into despair.  A simple hug, and acknowledging her strengths is not only refreshing, but gives her strength and courage.
She does not trust easily, so give her space; when she is ready to open up, she will do so because she has gained your trust, (DO NOT MISUSE HER TRUST, OR TURN IT INTO GOSSIP, YOU ARE ON SACRED GROUND)
The abuser has already taken every ounce of her and destroyed “The Person” He already murdered her hopes and dreams. He murdered everything she loved.  I call this murder because those were gifts the Lord gave her from the beginning of time; everything that once inspired her to live the life God called her to live freely. The good news is that God can take those dry bones and bring them all back to life (Ezk.36-37)
Recovery takes time, be patient, be kind, and most importantly, remind her of the person she once was by singing a new song over her; and she too will begin singing a new song over her own life;  you are reviving and renewing her strength by lifting her up out of the ruins tenderly with the Love of God.
However, I strongly recommend that if your life and the lives of your children or pets are in danger, “Please Get Out”, or if you know someone who’s life is in danger, “Please Help Her, and keep your opinions to yourself. This is not the time for such.  or you can call 211 for further assistance.


  1. conniearnold says: you for the good and thoughtful post, Lisa. Domestic violence is a huge problem and you make some good suggestions here.


    1. Lisa Rene Delgado says:

      Thank you Connie, and yes, I know from experience how difficult change can be. I also know from experience how loved ones well intentions can push her down into a deeper despair. A woman who suffers from domestic violence already replayed the why’s, what if’s, how to’s and so forth. And people tag her as being weak, but they have no idea how strong she really is; after all she has endured; she is actually a Lioness.


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