Suffer the Little Children

You can put a pair of shoes on a child in Uganda right now at:
Sometimes we would rather sit in our cozy little corner and preach. It is more comfortable here, and if I don’t like what other’s may say, I can just turn off my computer and walk away, or I can delete them on my friends list!
God did not stay in His beautiful heaven, He came down into a demon possessed world. He is the Light that came into the darkness. I have been told many a times, “Uganda is riddled with war, there are many scammers in Uganda”. Well, that is not so because great lights have shined on me, the love of God, from Uganda.  I personally have had the honor of meeting, and knowing these shining stars. People of God like, Alex Mitala-Uganda, Prince Yusuf Kayiwa, Ivan Kisakye, Evang Sserwadda Samuel, Morris Caros Markson, Henry Wynn, Pastor Apostle Kiyemba Ashe, Peter Eyadu, Sandra Gannon, and many more. They are not some fly by shooting stars, they are like stars that shine continually in my life, and the lives of others not only in Uganda, but here in the United States as well. There are scammers all over the world and even here!
As I was recently researching the Embassy of Uganda, I had noticed a statement that said, “beware of people from the U.S. who apply for grants from Uganda to scam others.” And once, a friend from Uganda told me that people from here steal their pictures of the children, and build websites asking for donations, only for their gain. Yes, I am aware of scammers, but I refuse to let them keep me from doing what the Lord has called me to do and that is to give to the poor, take care of the widow and the orphan. He has called all of us to do this; this is the only religion that pleases Him.
People are so suspicious; I too was very suspicious and trusted no one. But the Lord said, “Trust Me, the motives of every man will be exposed and will have to give an account for everything said, done, or did not do.” So now the only person I check is me. I check my motives, I check only my heart and let God check the hearts of others.
I have no needs, the Lord has proven Himself faithful to provide all my needs. When I give, He pays me back in full. When I reach out to others, He reaches down and draws me closer to Himself. We are all His children, and every single child matters to Him. When adults don’t come together, or get along, the children suffer more (Malachi 4).
I am not convicting anyone, because I too am guilty of this sin.
May we see the impact we have on not only our children, but all the children we over look and say, “let someone else take care of them” If we are Your Hands and Feet, may we get up off our little thrones and start sharing the Gospel with not only words, but with deeds as well. May we un-tie our folded arms, and reach out to those in need. Keep the scammers at bay, may evil-doers be exposed and brought to Your righteous justice. Take away every obstacle such as fear, suspicion, resentment, greed, and the lies that hinder us from doing Your will, and forgive us for overlooking and dismissing those You have placed in our path. May we show Your loving kindnesses, mercy, and compassion with humble hearts; remove the arrogant; they only bring discouragement and strife. May we acknowledge that we just stewards of what You have given us, and every penny we will have to account for.
The needs are great Lord; greater than we. Guide us, help us, and show us, and give us the faith to trust in You even with our pennies. In Jesus Name, amen
Galatians 6, Eph. 2, Mal. 4, Gal. 5:13-15, Eph. 5