Signs of Grace


Signs of Grace on Every Face

Lisa Rene Delgado


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One day the Lord said, “Look beyond the weeds in your heart and you will see a beautiful flower, a tree with its arms stretched high, a mountain that has a plateau where there is room to run freely the course that has been set before you. Look beyond the weeds of life’s troubles and see the pastures filled with sheep grazing on the abundance of the land (Isaiah 41)

Look up at the heavens’ and see the drawings in the sky of My Glorious Presence. The clouds that I have made in the form of a stairway leading to heaven, clouds that are shaped in the form of a man with bended knees in prayer. Look to the heavens and see, they speak, yet they have no words; they declare My Glory (Psalm 19)

I said Lord; “I know that you are a big God, a Glorious God, One whom is without equal, indescribable. Your Majesty is greater than one can even speak and leaves a man in your presence breathless! What about the simple ordinary things in a day?”

Then the Lord said, “What about the miracle of life which abounds in every situation?

A child who refuses to try drugs, but chooses to persevere through hardships; he studies instead to have a future?  Husbands who see the beauty in their own wives, and refuses to chase after other women.  Or the wife who tore down her house with bitterness, anger and rage. She turned her life around and sought help, through counseling, and now she rebuilding the ruins and the desolation she brought into her home. She is now like a garden filled with love, grace, kindness, laughter and joy, because she has been forgiven, and healed from the wounds of her past. There are many of My Miracles in a day; I leave Signs of Grace on every face. The Wonder of My Love is on the Cross of My Son. Look and you will see these if you look to Me!

By Lisa Rene Delgado/Day’s Journey at