Saving Grace

There are times when you think that the things coming against you, are punishment, or what some would call being cursed, or bad luck, but in actuality, God is saving your life.

Last night Jess was working on his truck, and we needed to push it back into the garage. Our house sits on a little hill, so the truck starting rolling back. I was standing on the driver’s side behind the wheel. His door was open, thus causing the truck to stop because it was half in, and half out.

He now has a broken door, but I am grateful I don’t have a broken body, or worse. Again, seeing things in a different perspective keeps me from falling into the pit of self-pity (Psalm 40, Isaiah 41).

And for that, I give thanks to the Lord, for what the enemy meant for harm, God in His Great Mercy, has made for good.