I Love You

I Love You!
Do you find these words difficult to receive, I do.
For many, many years I have struggled to receive love in spoken words because I was only accustomed to receive love as a token of appreciation from the one who spoke them. In other words, if I did something that was pleasing to that person, they would love me, but if I did something that was unpleasant, those words were quickly turned to hate, or worse, I would get the Ghost treatment. This is conditional love, you were loved in the condition that you earned it, and that was how I received God’s Love. I do confess that was how I gave love as well.
I have been a Christian for many years, I have read God’s love letter over and over, and over again and again. I would not be able to count the times He has told me, ‘I Love You!”
In fact, someone would have to take a hammer and hit me on the head to get it. So that is exactly what He did.
He took a hammer and pounded it through His own hands and feet; He was spit on, mocked and publicly humiliated for every single sin I ever committed; He took my punishment and hammered through Himself for us all.
I have found a new way to spell Love, Lord Jesus, so now when I hammer something into the wall, or a board, may I remember what love really means and looks like when my sin was hammered through Your Hands and Feet, my Savior, Redeemer and King.

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