Shoes for Uganda

Teachers in Uganda

Some of my most favorite people are Teachers. In fact, they are way on top of my list. Teachers have impacted my life so deeply as a child, and as a student again, they still continue impacting my life. I am also surrounded by teachers at my church. My sweet friends at CCF are teachers, and I am actually afraid, they are reading this post and critiquing it!

Anyhow, every person in the picture are Teachers in Uganda, and everyday they faithfully show up at the school to teach the children. They work with little supplies, books, and even go to sleep hungry because they get paid when the parents pay for tuition, and that is very rare due to the drought in Uganda. I actually admire them because they want a better future for the children of Uganda, and they do sacrificially, as most our Teachers do here as well.

You may say, ‘Wait, I thought this page was about shoe’s?” Yes, by giving a pair shoes and socks to the children, money is released in that area, and given to the teachers. You see, this is the ripple effect!

Only $7.50 will put a pair socks and shoes on one child precious little feet.

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