Mighty Tree

A Mighty Tree

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It was dark; I could barely see as I walked a path I knew I had to walk. I could not see where I was going, just a light as a path for my feet, nor did I know why I was walking on this path, but I knew I had to keep walking. Something or Someone was leading me, and it was good; that was all I needed to know. There was also another, who tried to keep me from moving forward; a voice disguised as someone near and dear. He called, “It’s dangerous territory, don’t go!” I stopped for just a moment to breath and refocus, I looked up and seen trees; countless trees on the top of a hill. All but One of the trees stood tall and thin, with very few branches and leaves. They looked bare; without shade for the birds of the air.  The light was still bright at my feet, and a gentle nudge beckoned me on.  Exhausted, I wanted to quit. The climb became steeper; I needed to rest, but there was no place of shelter; not place to rest, underneath the tall slim trees with no shade.

Finally, there it stood, a Mighty Tree, its trunk immeasurable in width. Its branches stretched as far as eternity; so, it seemed. The leaves brought shade, and nesting for the variety of birds and their young. This was the place, I needed to be, I found a cool spot underneath the tree; there seemed to be strong roots on both sides, they looked like Strong Arms, a Refuge, a Shelter indeed.

Humble yourselves, therefore, under God’s mighty hand, that he may lift you up in due time. Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you (1Peter5:6)