Beautiful Prison No More!


Conclusion: Beautiful Prison


Now, I am free from the guilt of my past,

I was covered with shame, soap could not wash off,  I am now clean

The chains that controlled me,  the power of fear; I am free at last

The people who hurt me, I chose to forgive,

you don’t own me, I am no longer your slave

my soul is free from guilt and your tyranny; what you made for evil, the Lord has made good for me

In world full of darkness, a light shine before me,

the light of His Love now surrounds me, to what should I fear

My heart no longer suffers silently; I am free to be me!

The voice of freedom comes from The King,

For all the wrong choices and decisions I made, The One who took my blame was nailed to the Cross as punishment for me. He calls you out of darkness into His Wonderful Light,  Come out, come out, you have been Redeemed!Beautiful Prisonpassion-of-the-christ