Give Us This Day

The other day while I was driving to work, I was passing a young woman walking, and had a frown on her face. We made eye contact and I smiled. Her face lit up, and she gave me back a big smile.
I wondered in my heart, “How much did my simple smile impact her day?” Then I realized, her smile made a bigger impact on my day. It was like a refreshing cool water on a dry day.
Sometimes we look for fire-works in the sky and miss the simple delightful things of Him who walks with us in the moments of each day. May we not miss the little things that make big impacts on the lives of those we encounter!


  1. conniearnold says:

    Smiles do brighten up our lives and others’ also. Thank you for your beautiful reminder of simple joys God provides when we look for them!

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    1. Lisa Rene Delgado says:

      Thank you, Connie, your poems bring delight to me as well!


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