Happy New Year

cropped-297005_235673183156317_100001409116328_735156_337812859_n.jpgThis New Year, as all the others, my resolution is not to make one, because the times I did, I quickly failed and mourned my failure the whole year. So with that being said, I am off the resolution hook, and am free to take the leap of faith starting today, with expectations of what God is going to do. His faithfulness, loving-kindnesses, and mercy will proceed before me each day, and every moment.

I will see His beauty rise like the morning sun, and  when evening comes, I will thank Him for His daily provisions, may  He give me the spirit of gratitude and supplication.

May I see Him in everything and everyone, and may  He reach out freely through me, and speak tenderly to those He loves. May they see Jesus, not me

May my feet run this race; may He alone be the prize. If I stumble, may I fall into His loving arms

May my heart beat to the rhythm of His Song, and not with the waves of adversity that try to crash against me, nor will the tide wash away my hope for His promises and the purpose He has set for me.

May my ears listen to His comforting voice, and not the noise of the world, nor my fears

May I rest in Him and be confident of this:

I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength, He alone is my Hope and in Him I am victorious.

My Story- His Glory