December 1

Thank You Father, for the many blessings today,

Thank You Father, for Your faithfulness, and loving-kindnesses along the way,

Thank You Father, for Your Son, who made the way, for now I come before Your Throne of Grace.

Stems of Thorns, the Crown He wore, and took the curse that I deserved.

His Blood was shed, as He walked up Calvary way, on the Cross He carried my sins away,

He paid the price, and gave His life, He laid it down, and then He died.

He rose again, now in glory He sits with You, at Your right Hand, the Lamb of God,

The King of Kings, Prince of Peace, the Son of God, He reigns on high.

In Him, I lay down my life, for His is the glory, and not of my own

Tonight I offer them back to You,  a beautiful bouquet of roses, as a gift of gratitude for all You do.

I Jesus Name, I pray