The Cost

I created a point system for Kayden and Zeff. When they fight, I take 5 points towards their Christmas gifts. 5 points = $5.00 etc.
Yesterday, they each racked up 10 points each, and Zeff was worried, so he asked me if he did something good, can he get his points back? I told him if he apologized to Kayden, I will give him back his points. He and Kayden couldn’t stop apologizing to each other.
Later, I thought about the Lord’s forgiveness, and how He has made it so much easier for us to be forgiven through the hardest thing He has ever done; He sent His Son to die on the Cross for us, and made a easier way, but the problem is, not many of us are willing to apologize because of our pride.
Lord, may we never forget the price You paid; the ultimate price. May we be humbled by the knowledge of what it cost You at Calvary.