Two Farmers

There were two farmers, one sat with his hands folded; worrying about how he was going to accomplish what was before him. He worried and was fearful his crop would not produce what he intended, so he waited, and procrastinated.

The other farmer, just got up early every morning, and began plowing, seeding, and watering. He looked up to heaven and prayed the Lord would do the rest.

When the harvest came for the first farmer, he got weeds, because he did not plow the land first, instead, he waited too long to start because he was worried, fearful, and he did not trust the Maker of all things.clip_image007[10]

The second farmer harvest abundantly, so much, he was grateful and shared what he had with the first one.

Moral: Just do what is front of you, and trust God. He will provide so much, it will spill over.