Cleaning Up The Mess

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, some of us older folks like to start planning early, and ask, “Who’s cooking Thanksgiving dinner this year”?  But to the one’s who are being asked, they hear, “Who’s cleaning up the mess this year”? In essence to that question, I do admit, when  my kids were still at home, those are the words I heard as well, and the dread of the season began to weigh heavy on my shoulder’s from November 1st, until Thanksgiving Day!

As the days got even closer, I admit thankfulness was far from me; that is were my mess would begin spilling over and dripping the vapor of negativity.  First, to my husband, then my children. I would become resentful, and bitter; this too would spill over and by the next couple weeks, as I would go through the motions of preparation, the mess I created in the first place, became so heavy, and overwhelming everyone would just eat and run, and honestly, if I had to endure me, I would have done the same.

I dressed myself with pretention; I was weighed down with stuffing made of dread, and drank from the cup of bitterness.  By Thanksgiving day, I only had hours to endure until everyone left so I can clean up the mess. That was my Thanksgiving every year, and I wondered why I sat alone, looking down into my bowl of tears!

Bowl of tears

Reflection:  Now that I am older, and my kids are all grown up, I see me all over again; I see the mess I made years ago. If I would have cleaned up the mess in my own heart, the moment it entered my mind, by going to the Lord and asking for His help, this mess would not have spilt over to my children. I could try to cover up the webs I weaved with a pretty table cloth,  and lighting up candles to cover the smell of my iniquity, but this too will be spilt over to my grandchildren as well. I have carried these left-overs, like traditions,  for so many years, it’s time to clean up my mess.

Prayer:  Lord, thank You for revealing to me where the mess began in my own heart, by the reflection shown through my children,  as a mirror to my heart. I confess I have carried the sin of bitterness, resentment, dread, and pretention. Lord, You gave me so much to be thankful for, and yet, I was blinded by selfishness. Thank You, for sending Your Son to die on the Cross for my sins, and making a way for me to come to Your Throne of grace and washing me clean from these sins. Thank You Jesus for coming into my heart and cleaning up the mess I created in the first place.

Lord, I ask that You will fill my cup with gratitude, love, gentleness, kindness, humility, a gentle and quiet spirit. clothe me with Your Son, Jesus Christ, and may His love spill over to my husband, children, and their offspring, and all who gather together this Thanksgiving Day. May You be at the head of the table, amen

Isaiah 59, Colossians 3, Ephesians 2 and 3, John 3:16


  1. Amen. Lovely post and prayer. It’s never too late to learn the Lord’s lessons and allow Him to clean up our lives.

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    1. Lisa Rene Delgado says:

      Yes, it’s good to ask the Lord for a teachable Spirit; sat in my mess for too many years!


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