Barefoot in Uganda

In Uganda, there are countless numbers of children without something we take for granted here, and that is a shoes. I wondered as I looked at the first picture of the children barefoot how painful it must be to walk with sores or cuts on their feet and how parasites can enter through the smallest cut and cause sickness and diseases. Something we don’t seem to ever worry about because shoes are so easy to come by.  Isn’t it a wonder that something so easy and cheap can prevent disease. I wanted to share their story, so I copied and pasted Evanglist Samuel’s own words on the importance and impact a single pair of shoes can make. For $6.00 you can purchase a pair of shoes, and $1.50 pays for a pair of socks.

Evanglist Sserwadda Samuel

By doing this, we are reducing disease out breaks and clacking of children’s feet due to poor hygiene caused by stepping on the ground. I am telling u this as an eyewitness that most of the children go barefoot to latrines and most of these school latrines are extremely dirty, so the children without shoes step on urine and other dirty stuff in there. We have many children here who have never seen shoes in their feet from their date of birth till now. They clean them all day and night though they don’t have shoe polish but they use water to clean their shoes all day.

For sure these little angels had never seen shoes in their feet. To many of them it was like a dream.  Some sleep with their shoes. Neighboring schools came asking whether we can help their children on having the shoes too. But the headmaster just recommended them to me. I always trust God.”


But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that…

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If you would like give a pair of shoes and socks and walk this journey with us leave me a comment.