What would God say about me?


I often wonder what my life would have been like if I had made better choices. What would God say about me right at this moment if He and I were standing on a mountaintop looking down. What if He took His measuring rod and surveyed my life at this point. Not in the future, but at this very point since I gave my life to Him and began my journey with Him?

Would He grade me or degrade me? Would He look at me with disgust and turn away, wishing He never made me? Would He tell the whole assembly all my faults and laugh at my failures, like people do when they gossip?  Would He say, “Look, all this was My plan for you, but you messed it all up; so sorry for your loss”. Would He walk away dropping the blueprint and shaking His Head in utter disappointment?

No, that’s the world’s god!

My God would hold me close and say:

“I knew things wouldn’t work out the way you may have wanted, and out your sinful nature, you would rebel; thus causing you to make bad choices that have consequences attached to them. However, because I love you, I took the punishment for all your sins; nailing them on the cross with Me. I have taken your bad choices; all of them, and recycled them into something as beautiful as a sunrise. I took your old songs of despair and turned them into praise. I taught you how to find a rose in the desert. I have shown you how to spread your wings and soar like an eagle above your circumstances, and when you were wounded and couldn’t fly, you nestled in My loving hands while I healed you. I loved you at your worst, even when you didn’t know how to love yourself. Now you are free to love you and those I have placed around you without any expectations.

When people looked down at you, and made you feel unworthy, or have even told you your life was a mess.  My eyes looked upon you with approval, I smile when you shrugged those insults off because you learned how to trust Me in the dark and put your confidence in My Love”.

This is what God would say to those who have learned to place their hope in His Son, Jesus Christ, even when things don’t seem fair, or just. When things just don’t make sense, they chose to lean not on their own understanding, but trust in Him fully, because they know we live in a fallen world, and His ways are better than our ways. When the world wants an explanation, His children are walking exclamations, thus making those of the world scratch their heads thinking maybe this Jesus is God  as Good and Faithful as they profess.

We may be mere servants and feel like we are eating the crumbs in this world, but we know our place has been set with our names on it at the banquet table of the Bride Groom.