Yes, Jesus Loves Me…….

The Lord loves me. It’s that simple. He does not measure my deeds, mistakes, failures, sins, and fill my cup accordingly. His love is immeasurably above and beyond anything I have ever done. As a matter of fact, He took every single sin and nailed it to the Cross.

When I make mistakes, He doesn’t withhold His love from me; He looks at me with compassion, and draws me near to His heart.
Romans 8….

When other’s condemn me and say things that are not true (slander), He is angered like a Father who hates others talking about His children, and vindicate them. Job 13

When people expect me to be something or someone I am not, He loves the real me, the person He created, not the person they expect me to be. Galatians 2.

God knows the secrets of every persons heart, the deep well where everything may seem hidden, but even there, where fungus grows; making a life of its own, secret sins.

God can and will forgive and heal, if you only confess Jesus died for your sins, believe, and receive. John 3jesus-troubled-look.jpg