Final’s Week

Did I ever mention that I am going to college now?
Well, I am going to be a Sophemore in January, and I am going for an Associates in social work for now, but my goal is a P.H.D in social work.

I went back to school because I wanted to change my life, now I want to help women and children who suffered abuse take back and change their lives too, but I can’t do that if I am not educated. Yes, I have lots of experience, but being street-smart without a touch of education, knowledge and empowerment could be a bad recipe.

Jesus is the author and creator of Day’s Journey, and He guided me through some really tough mountains through His encouragement, words, writings that I definitely could not have written. I have gone back to read post and am amazed.  I would think, “I wrote this” and smile because it was always His Holy Spirit.  He gave me a different perspective on life when my daily thoughts were negative, and suicide.  I am still walking the Day’s Journey with Jesus, and  learning, although I don’t write much in here; and I purposefully do not write to much, because I just want to point you to Jesus……….

Anyhow, not to get off course, but this ties in to the story I wrote, “Not Good Enough” It encouraged me to go back to school and give my best. I was tired of living life without purpose or meaning. I was just surviving day to day.  I am testing on Tuesday for math final, and would greatly appreciate prayer. I struggle with math:(.
Social work grade was an ‘A”””””