I Need Your Help

I need your help. God used Compassion International to trust me with these three adorable children to pray for and help find someone to be their sponsor.

Since I joined Compassion International about 2 years ago, Jesus changed my world and He gave me compassion. You may think you are helping these children, but remember, the Lord draws near to the broken hearted (Psalm 34).
Compassion International prays for you, your child and their parents pray for you and the Pastor and leaders of the center where they go pray for you. Your support pays for an education, clean water, food,  and most important, they learn about Jesus love for them by hearing the gospel and you change their world. You can read more by visiting Compassion International.

Jess and I are sponsors to Luis, from Columbia for 2 years, and Preaw from Thialand for only $38.00 a month each. I have to say, when you give through prayer, financial, and letters to these children, you are not blessing them as much as they are blessing you! These children and their parents pray for us and by my praise reports and life change is by those who pray for you. I get really excited when I receive letters from them and pictures they draw just for us.

Anyhow, if you can’t help through support, will you help me pray for them by name: They have been waiting for a long time for a sponsor. And if you decide to sponsor one of these children will you let me know, so I can dance and praise God with them?

Muthukumar Yidurshika lives in Sri Lanka. Asia.  She goes by Yidu and her birthday is April 28, 2005 She has been waiting for a sponsor for 7 months, and her reference number is LK-304-0078

Bereket Wasihun Wudu lives in Ethiopia. His birthday is May 20, 2008 and has been waiting 6 months. His reference number is:  ET-722-0124

Edgar Omar Vielman Estrada lives in Guatemala. He has been waiting for you to become his sponsor and wants to be a blessing in your life. His birthday is August 21, 2006 and his reference number is:  GU-492-0009

Just follow this link below: