Not Good Enough, Be Your Best!

Day's Journey

behind the book

It was May 1974 our last day of school when I received my report card. I was filled with anticipation as I opened it up to see if I even passed. My grades were always below average and I would pass by the skin of my teeth. The second question that was bearing down on me was did I get assigned to Miss La Rose, as my seventh grade teacher.

Miss La Rose was known throughout the sixth-grade to be the toughest teacher around. Every sixth grader feared that they would be assigned to her class. Unfortunately, I was one of them, and my torment began the moment I opened up my report card and seen MISS LAROSE in the teacher’s slot. I was doomed!

boy and teacher

I remembered all those day’s I passed her classroom as I would take the attendance sheet to the office every morning; and I would hear…

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