Wall of Prayer

Lord of heaven and earth and everything down to the depths of all creation. Hear my prayer for all the children and the youth.
I ask according to the redemption of Your Son that You send all of heavens angels (Ps.68) to build a wall of protection around the children and the youth
covered and soaked with the Blood of Your Precious Son (John 3:16). I pray for thier teachers and caretakers as well for the peace that comes from You, not the world.
Keep the preditor at bay; beneath the Feet of Jesus. I pray that those who try to bring drugs or weapons into the schools will mysteriously lose them and sent into
a drunken stopur, but not with wine. May the Gospel of Jesus Christ be revealed in all schools through those You have chosen do so.

Father, I pray that You take away; destroying the power of self-conscienseness and give realization of Christ in us. Forever, Your Name be Extalted! Amen, amen