Hear My Prayer, Lord

Hear my prayer and give us rest. Give us strength to move forward.  Take away the fear that has orchastrated our lives all these years.

May the shackles of “what if’s” bust from our feet, that we may run freely like the calf that has been set free from the pen.

Lord, Jesus, we tremble at Your Throne of grace for You Alone hold our hearts and know everything; down to remotest places.

Give us this love that You asked of us; this Love for the Father that He requires and the Love He commands us to pour out to our brothers.

May Your Spirit comsume us,

May Your Blood flow through our veins,

May Your Love overwhelm us,

May Your Peace rule in our hearts and be evident in our lives.

May Your Life be fullfilled through us.

In Jesus Name, hear my prayer, O God. amen

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  1. conniearnold says:

    Amen. Beautiful prayer, Lisa!


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