Building Uganda Fund

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The Back to the Bible Truth Evangelistinc Team (BBT) was founded in 1979 after Apostle Alex Mitala returned to Uganda from exile in Kenya. Immediately after Idi Amin was oust in 1979, Alex mobilized local Evangelists, Christian social workers and Bible Teachers to start Evangelism resulting into Church Planting and Discipleship to encourage Church growth. In that same time is when Apostle Alex Mitala started the Back to the Bible Truth Evangelistic Team to evangelize the masses, encourage the persecuted church leaders and to start up churches.

Mission Statement

God has called us to love with action, to serve practically and to change the unprivileged into hopeful, dependable and constructive citizens by the preaching of the true Gospel of Christ, our only Lord and Savior.


To bring real hope to mankind, now and after death, by the transforming of the mind and spirit through the knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Statement of Faith

BBT strongly holds the Lausanne Covenant of the International Congress on World Evangelism (Lausanne 1974), as the officially regarded statement of faith.


1. We desire to see a strong spiritual Church in Uganda, capable of overcoming witchcraft, poverty, dependency and ignorance; a giving and sending church.

2. We desire to bring BBT to financial self-sufficiency by laying a strong local base for money-generating projects, particularly through agriculture and food security.

3. We desire to see all the villages in Uganda evangelized, having an evangelical local church, with a trained Bible Pastor.

4. We desire to start a Radio Station called “The Pearl of Africa FM Radio.” It will reach over 10 million people in 9 districts of Uganda with the gospel of Jesus Christ . This sation will be one of our instruments used to fight ignorance and poverty in Uganda. (We continue to reach out to 4.7 million people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ through radio and TV programs.)

5. We desire to print the Gospel Message into the three most spoken local languages: Luganda, Runyakitara and Luo using our BBT printing machines.

6. Using the Jesus film, we desire to reach those in the schools, prisons, streets and hospitals with the Gospel.

7. We desire to be professionally and technologically equipped in order to reach maximum efficiency with our ministry.

8. We desire to always be solution-finders and helpers for the needy poor and orphans.

9. We desire to see church leaders succeeding in everything they have been called to do by promoting disciples and bible training.

In a country where you are experiencing “Evangelistic Revival”, you will always have a good challenge of “Disclepleship” not only for the new convert but also for the “novice church leaders” just as it was in Acts 11:20-24. Most revivals don’t come with organized order, therefore when a quick response during church planting is wanting, such churches will most likely turn into cult due to lack of proper Bibilical foundations.

Building Uganda Fund
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