Thank you Jesus

In the days journey never forget, never forget Who this if for and Why. Never forget that He came as a babe; then He died a criminals death. Who is Glorified and now sits at the Right Hand of the Father.

Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world; worthy to recieve honor, and glory, and power, and blessing, and praise.

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  1. A prayerful but fearfull, aspiring missionary
    asked. Do cannibals still exist in Africa even to day??!!!
    Then the indiginous African evangelist replied, “Very few these days” What happened asked the missionary!
    The gospel of Christ has eaten many of them, and we are always busy helping with the cooking work!
    Would you like to come and join us, epesially with the work of cutting in pieces and cooking??????
    Would you!!!
    Uganda loves you all and also welcomes you.


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