Betty Boots

betty boots

Betty had boots!

Betty had boots! She had white boots, yellow boots, black boots, red boots, purple boots, she even had a pair of green boots still in the box!

Betty had shoes! She had high shoes, sloppy shoes, slip on shoes, tennis shoes, work shoes, fancy shoes, she even has the very first pair of Nike’ Shoes still in the box!

Betty had coats! She had black coats, leather coats, fur coats, long coats, short coats; and Betty still had coats wrapped up in a box!

Betty had scarfs! She had yellow scarfs, black scarfs, red scarfs, purple scarfs, and she even has a scarf from 1959!

Betty had shirts! She had tee shirts, long shirts, tight shirts, baggy shirts, even shirts that still have the tags!

Betty had shorts! She had long shorts, short shorts, skinny shorts, basketball shorts, swimming shorts, she still had ton’s of shorts still in the box!

Betty had plates!  She had china plates, Christmas plates, paper plates, tea plates, fancy plates, and she even had plates still in the box!

Betty had pots and pans, silver ware, dinnerware, placemats, table cloths, paper towels, dish towels and on and on with all that stuff, some still in the box!

Betty had nick knaks! Nick knat here, nick knat there; she had so many nick knats the knat’s had a place to live!

Betty had so much of everything she couldn’t even move! So she moved it from one spot to another, she moved from the living room to the dining room. She moved it from one place to another till she could not move anymore!

“Enough already!” Cried Betty!

So she opened her house; called her neighbors and said,

“Take it, it is free; use it, it’s no use to me!”

All except the green boots still in the box; that she wore on her way out the door. She went to the VA to visit a Man Named Bob! 

Matthew 13

52 He said to them, “Therefore every teacher of the law who has become a disciple in the kingdom of heaven is like the owner of a house who brings out of his storeroom new treasures as well as old.”