Expectations:  An expectant mental attitude: A high pitch  of expectation

Synomyms:  Apprehension, Possibility, Presumption, Probability, Assumption,

 There are many definitions for the word; but I am going to use this one:

Today I gave the children the word, “Expectations” to look up in the dictionary. I wanted them to understand why thier mother was so exhausted.  Talking seemed to be flying over thier heads ; and all the upset’s were esculating to what could have been probable cause for division in the marriage, children and relationship.  Fingers’ seemed to be pointing at one person, “Mom.” 

 First, the presumption is not a true presumption at all. A “presumption” is typically a rebuttable or irrebuttable inference dependent upon evidence of an initial fact (e.g., presumption of non-negligent behavior if a person took reasonable care). Instead, “presumption of innocence” serves to emphasize that the prosecution has the obligation to prove each element of the offense beyond a reasonable doubt (in some criminal justice systems) and that the accused bears no burden of proof.

Yes, I copied and paste and yes, we had a trial going on in this house. “Mommy was the defendant, and Nana was her going to defend her case!

 We have had some anger issues, frustration, tears,  and a whole lot of ungratitude going on in this house. I knew that something needed to done asap; but didn’t know how to approach the situation without the Lord’s  help. Everything was so touchy around here; I didn’t want to make it worse, so the Lord gave me the word, “Expectations”

The first thing I had the children do was look up the definition for, Expectations, each one had to look it up and write the definition on a piece of paper. With apprehension,  they asked why they couldn’t just look it up together and just read it out loud for everyone.  ” Why are you making us do this?” My answer was the Nana answer, “Just do it!” so they did.

The next thing I had them do individually write on another peice of paper what their expectations were of their mother. Example: Work, cook, clean, etc. down to the last detail of what they expect of her daily. Again, they said, “Nana, what are you trying to say?” and my respond was the great Nana response, “Just do what I say!” So they did.

When they were finished with all that writing, I had them gather small and medium sized rocks; and I appointed dad to wear  the back pack; as he too took part in this case, he was assigned the job of carrying the burden of proof. On each rock the children wrote thier expectations then placed them in the backpack that was on dad’s back. The backpack got heavier with each expectation and they all began to understand the load each one was placing on thier mother. I explained to them that each rock represents a burden placed on their mother’s back and that can weigh a person down to the point of dispair causing her to quit!  She will not show any concern for thier emotional needs; because they have sucked the life out of her with all thier physical needs, thus causing her to want to take some of those rocks, turning them into resentment, anger, depression, malicious thoughts and  throwing them back at them; causing a cycle of iniquity to be passed down to the next generation.

Jesus says whatever you measure against someone else, it will be measured back to you. This week my lesson was what I expect of other’s will be expected of me. If I seek perfectionism in someone, then I too better be perfect. If I demand respect, then I better give respect. If I demand justice, then justice will be demanded of me! The Lord say, give justice, mercy, compassion as He has given us. If you look up Day’s Journey in the Bible Dictionary it will lead you back to Weights and Measures. What you measure of other’s will be measured back to you. If you judge, then you too will be judged. And again, You reap what you sow. If you sow righteousness then righteousness will be sown. If you sow injustice, then injustice will be sown and that is what will be reaped.
Hey don’t take my word for it, look it up yourself. It’s God’s Word! 
Malachi 2-3, Titus 2-3, James 2-4, Isaiah 59



  1. Thanks Lisa, I liked this. I really like the hands on backpack/rock lesson. Sometimes we just can’t see things clearly and that was a good way to demonstrate that concept. David


  2. Lisa Rene Delgado says:

    Thank you, keep up the good work!


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