Take it to the Cross

Have you been dump on; has someone in your past dump thier pains or sorrow’s upon you? If so, then don’t hang on to it; it was never yours to hang on to. For God so loved the World, He sent His Son to hang on the Cross for these. Yes, we need to take responsiblity for our actions and then we take those to the Cross of Jesus Christ and dump them under the bar of His Atonement.

For this I have come, says Jesus. Bring it, lay it down at the Foot of the Cross.

Yes, I have wronged and been wronged; I have no resentment, nor do I wish any harm to come to those who have wronged me. As the Lord has forgiven me; so I too forgive and recieve healing from Jesus Christ. He has shown me compassion, mercy, love and forgiveness; and this I show to other’s in the Name of Jesus Christ.