Protect Me Lord. Hear my prayer for my breathren.

Hear me, O God, as I voice my complaint; protect my life from the threat of the enemy. Hide me from the conspiracy of the wicked, from that noisy crowd of evildoers. They sharpen their tongues like swords and aim their words like deadly arrows. They shoot from ambush at the innocent man; they shoot at him suddenly, without fear. May You give them the fear of the Lord.
They encourage each other in evil plans, they talk about hiding their snares; they say, “Who will see them?” They plot injustice and say,”We have devised a perfect plan!” Surely the mind and heart of man are cunning. Take away the spirit of deception and give them the Spirit of Truth. 

But God will shoot down the principalities of the air with His arrows, they will suddenly be struck down. He will turn their own tongues against them and bring them to ruin; casting them down to the pit they have dug against the innocent man/woman/child. May we see the Mighty Hand of God working on our behalf according to the Redemption of Jesus Christ and His Atonement; that way no man can boast; but see that God’s Love is merciful through the Cross of His only begotten Son. May the fear of the Lord be evident through His Gift of Perfect Love, and those who call themselves reverend turn away from self exaltation; be humbled by the gift of repentance; through holy sorrow.

Let the righteous rejoice in the Lord and take refuge in Him; let all the upright  in heart praise Him.