Love Doesn’t Count


Love doesn’t count the miles it drives to see a loved one.

Love doesn’t count the faults of another.

Love doesn’t count all the good it has done.

Love doesn’t count the reasons to have it’s own way.

Love doesn’t count the amount of money it spends and expect something in return.

Love doesn’t count the cost of labor it spent on another.

Love doesn’t count the tears it sheds when it is rejected.

Love doesn’t count how many restless nights it had to care for another.

Love doesn’t count everything it has done; yet it never expects even a thanks!

Love doesn’t count; it just gives.

When we give out of love there is never even the slightest thought of what it cost; because in the moment we gave it it was given with no motives or even the desire to get something in return. It’s painful when the Holy Spirit reveals that deep in the heart of man, he did count every cent he spent on another.

It may not have been in that moment of giving; but when hardship befalls him and not one single person he himself has helped in no where to be found, that is where he begins counting. Jesus know rejection more than anyone. 

Jesus said, “My own brothers and sisters rejected Me, the Son of God.”

“My Father in heaven loved this world so much so that He gave Me, His only begotten Son as the ultimate sacrifice for the redemption of the world. When I was healing and making miraculous signs everyone wanted to be close to Me; but when I was betrayed and rejected, My closest friends even fled.

Every single sin of man was not counted against him when I hung on the cross. My Father reconciled the world to Himself through Me.

The only love that counts is My Father’s Love, He Gave, and only He knows the value of what it cost Him to Give His Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life in Him.”

Counting and measuring is actually more oppressive than anything. A cash register cling goes off for every petty thing you have ever done for anybody; and your heart begins to feel the pounding of waves of anxiety, this is where you need to chose to stop it by taking everything single thought captive and casting out every single thought that is against the love of God by simply thanking Me for what I have done without counting your sins against you and remembering them no more! Is. 43 says, let go of the past and move forward!