Heavenly Jewels

Heavenly Jewels

By Lisa Rene Delgado


May the Lord God Almighty give ________________ the true gift of love through our Lord Jesus Christ, and bless our Precious Stone making her a Heavenly Jewel? May the prayer of Your Son be manifested in her, that she be one with You as You are one with Your Son. Give her the gift of childlike faith, that she may enter into the Kingdom of Heaven through Your Son, Jesus Christ. May she receive the gift of faith that is in Your Only Begotten Son.

Jesus, May your grace abound in the life of ______________________, to fullest knowledge of your unfailing love and faithfulness. May she come to the place of rest in you in all her circumstances, knowing without any doubt that her confidence is in you alone. May her conscience be clouded with your love and your thoughts.

Cancel any debts she may owe while she walked in the valley of darkness and death with Your Shed Blood, and may she wear the Robe of Righteousness that was paid in full through Your Death on the Cross.

May she be so confident in you that she never need to prove herself to anyone; because her assurance in you is built with the Hands of Almighty God. A wall that can never come crashing down again because of confusion, illusion or deception.

Heavenly Father, make our little girls Heavenly Jewels

In Jesus Name, Amen

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