Come A Little Closer

Oh, The Webs’ we Weave,

with Widow Meme

Lisa Rene Delgado


“Come closer, I want to talk to you.

Yes, little lady, I’m talking to you!’

“ I want to spare you from unnecessary hard ache, and if you pay close enough

You might even gain wisdom through the teachings of this parable; learning to
weave beauty instead of cobwebs. Yes, I am the spider written about in Isaiah
59. A spider’s web is useful for a spider, but for a human, it is the way of
destruction. As I sit in my web with a watchful eye, I see what becomes of a
home that was torn down by the hands of an unwise woman, such as the woman who
does not fear God.

“You know all creation was made by God; yes,even me!”

“Now. I know you probably don’t like spider’s very much; and black widows are
probably not visibly hanging around your house; and you might be wanting to pick
up that old can of Raid you have over under the sink you rarely open up, or even
smash me with your shoe, but wait a minute! Give me a chance to teach you a few
things before distinguish me forever!”

“ If you let me hang around for awhile, you might learn a few things that can
be useful in keeping your house.

“ I am a good housekeeper, you know, I do spin a pretty tight rope.”

“So let me introduce myself, and reassure you that I will not bite you.”

“ My name is WIDOW MEME. Obliged to finally meet you.”

“Now, I just have to say, I have been hanging around here for some time now,
and I am very observant of what goes on; and if I can be so bold, I have to say,
you haven’t been weaving a very pretty cover for your family. If you know what I

“In fact, we black widow’s don’t just spin and eat you know.”

“Let me share a little about myself with you, then maybe you will relax and
hopefully you will put that shoe your hiding behind your back down where it

“ A spider’s skill at spinning threads into a web is one of nature’s
miracles. The fragile web of a spider is used to demonstrate the folly of
placing confidence in something other than the stable, dependable God (Job

Spiders trap their victims in their webs and dissolve them with pre-digestive
juices so they can be eaten.

Oil on the spider’s body keeps it from being entangled in its own web. But I
can assure you, a mere human, that you can become entangled in your own web.”
Proverbs 17:1 says: Better a dry crust with peace and quite than a house full of
feasting with strife.

“ I noticed one day as you were preparing dinner for your family, you did it
with complaining and you resented serving in the kitchen. When the meal you
worked so hard at preparing was done, they all came served up their plates and
left you sitting at your table alone. This web you wove in bitterness, therefore
your own actions produced sorrow, it was a choice you made that produced
unfruitfulness. You did not place your trust in the Lord. There was no
fellowship with the Helper, therefore, your kitchen was filled with strife and
where the web was weaved no one dare come near. So there you sat alone in a bowl
of tears.”

I have spun in my web as a skillful apprentice

I have spun my web

With careful interweaves

I have spun my web with intuition, self instruction

Who will come now?

As I wait with a watchful eye

I have set my table, with abundance of food

Who will come now and share my meal?

As I sit here alone in the corner of my web

Who will come now and sit with me

“But there is One who
calls you to Come even Closer. His Name is above all names. He is our Helper,
and He fully understands you. His Name is Jesus, believe me when I say He can
prepare a meal with very little and feed an army!

“If you don’t mind, I
am going to call you by a new name. I’m going to call you Lilia, yes, Lilia fits
you just perfect.”

“ Did you know that
the Lily was used as an ornament for the Temple? See 1 Kings 7:22”

“The Lily was
used in the courts of the Temple as a sweet incense as well as their beauty; and
so it can be with you in your own home.”

“One day a woman asked
her daughter, “What do I smell like?”

“The daughter
answered, “What do you mean?”

“The woman said, “How
is my attitude?”

“The daughter replied,
“YOU Stink!”

“Now the woman
couldn’t deny what her daughter spoke to her. Yes, it was a truth that cuts
deep, and the woman who knows her own bitterness, can either deny the truth or
continue spreading that bitter root on to the next generation, her children, or
she can go to the Lord in submission to Jesus Christ, confess this sin in the
Light of His Presence, receive His unfailing love and forgiveness; then get up
and go to the next thing; which might be to unload the dishwasher, but this time
she does it with a thankful heart.”

“ A wise women said,
“If you cook your meal with a thankful heart, even a can of soup will be the
best meal your family had ever had.” See: Psalm 128: Blessed are all who fear
the Lord, who walk in His ways. You will eat the fruit of your labor; blessings
and prosperity will be yours. Your wife will be like a fruitful vine within your
house; yours sons will be like olive shoots around your table. Thus is the
man/woman blessed by the Lord.

May the Lord bless you
from Zion all the days of your life; may you see the prosperity of Jerusalem,
and may you live to see your children’s children.

Peace be upon

“A thankful heart
weaves gratitude and fellowship with Jesus, as you fix your gaze upon Him, He
will accomplish more in a day, than if you tried to accomplish your task by your
own strength, leaving you totally exhausted and feeling defeated before the day
is even over.”