Ain’t No Mountain To High for Jesus

The reason the Isrealites wandered around the mountains for forty years is because they were afraid to go through the mountian. Let's go through this mountain together.


The Lion said to the Lamb, "The reason the Israelites went around the mountain for

forty years, is they were afraid to go through the mountain."

Jesus promises that in this world there will be troubles; but He also said, "Take courage, for I have overcome the world."

I know that it is easy for someone who is not struggling in any area of their life to say these words, or for some reason you may feel like you are the only one struggling and everyone else is living the life of leisure. That is what satan wants you to think so that you would focus your attention inward, leaving everyone else unprotected without intercessory prayer.

In Isaiah 56:10-12 The Lord says His watchmen are blind, they love to lay around and day dream, they lack knowledge, and for a long time I admit I did this. We all are struggling to get through this mountain; it seems to long and at times we want to just give up; but our spirit, the Holy Spirit somehow gives us new strength and we get back up, dust ourselves off and press on. Someone is walking behind you and he/she needs you to intercede on their behalf for the strength to keep going. This person may at some point hurt you, or said something to offend you, or maybe this person ignored your plea for help in some way. Even so, Jesus did not deserve to take up our punishment. He took upon Himself the punishment that gave us peace.

Pray for everyone, asking God for the Joy of the Lord, for this joy is our strength. Jesus is our peace and He will go through this mountain with you.