Mahleh the Spotted Lamb

Ok, so I’m going to try this again! I know that this may seem childish, but Jesus says, unless we become like little children we cannot enter into the Kingdom of God."
"Welcome to Day’s Journey for Kids and those of you adults with childlike faith

Share With Friends Jesus has His ways of showing His unfailing love to us as we journey through the trials of each day. Jesus is not boring and longwinded; but He truely is an adventurer! He has so much to say to us as we walk in trust steps knowing that He is holding us by His right Hand; and that He will guide our steps along the way.

In some ways if not all; I have worn the coat of Mahleh, and have made alot of wrong choices, even some that I have regretted for a long time. The Good News though, is that God knew that no one will ever be able to go to heaven. So He did something sooo, coool! He sent His Son to pay the debt for all our sins and He made a way for us to reconciled to God, so that we can go to heaven. And, He also gave us His Holy Spirit to make us Holy, like He is Holy. Believe me, I sure need Jesus to help me every single day! Mahleh learns to Chew God’s word by seeing things differently. The lessons in this sight will help to look to Jesus, as we follow His teachings.

I hope this sight is a cool place for you to hang out and get to know Jesus is a personal way. The first time someone asked me if I wanted a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, I told him he was crazy and to get lost! Well, it turned out that I was crazy not to accept His invitation and boy did I get lost!