Let God be exalted! Psalm 70


It’s not that easy to have a thankful, in fact a thankful heart is a gift from God. It has been placed inside of you; down in the depths of your spirit is the Spirit of Supplication and Thanksgiving. The only way that it can become a reality in your life is by force! It needs to forced out of all the clogs of stinky thinking. When things go wrong, rejoice in the fact that God Almighty is the One holding the plunger! Let Him push all that nasty gunk out and you be willing to come face to face with your adversary. Your adversary is not man; your adversary is your feelings and how you respond in certain situations.

If the Lord allows someone to hurt your feelings in certain areas of your life; then let Him hurt it until it doesn’t hurt no more. In that you can say, "Oh God why is so and so being so mean to me." or you can choose to say, "Let God be exalted in this or that." You choose, do you want that thing to continue stealing your vision of Christ Presence with you, or do you want to be so filled with the Joy of His Presence; that what ever comes against will never succeed. Thats what the psalmist ment when he said, "You will not be shaken!"



Strong Ties of Love: I rejoice in the fact that Jesus understands me perfectly, and oh’ the love He has for me is endless.

Song in my heart this morning: ____________________________

Think back through this day and write all the positive things that happened, if you can’t think of anything then remember all the things the Lord has done for you in the past. Start with Him sending His Son to die on the cross for your sins. _________________________________________________________________


Take time to read these verses and reflect on what Jesus is saying to you.

Psalm 139, Psalm 78, Isaiah 53, Isaiah 54, John 3:16