From: Dan Evans at DATUWALIMISSION []
Sent: Friday, August 22, 2008 1:03 AM
Subject: More prayer needed


Thanks to everyone for praying and passing along our need to your churches and friends earlier this week. 


The national situation is growing worse with the rebels. The President has vowed not to return to the treaty talks until the rebels disarm (which isn’t going to happen). She has vowed to stop talking to the MILF, and to confine her peace talks with the communities that are affected (which is hailed by the MILF as a failure of the process). She has demanded the surrender of three commanders who carried off this weeks deadly attacks against citizens on Mindanao (and the MILF is refusing). So, things can continue to be expected to get worse, before they can get better.


Today, while Aurea and I were in town, two Muslim Commanders came to our house. They were told by my brother-in-law that we were not here, and they angrily indicated they would return. We have learned that one of the men is Commander Dario, a well-known extortionist who demands protection money from businesses and individuals; ostensibly to protect them from other Muslims. He has even demanded payments from the Catholic church. He, himself, is a terrorist and goes about armed.


Monday is Ramada, and he will probably return before then to demand payments from us, which we cannot, of course, submit to. He likely will not come after dark, because he realizes the danger of doing that. So, I expect to see him tomorrow. The local citizens here have been armed by the government, and patrol the jungle during the night to detect if rebels are in the area. The Army remains at low staffing levels in the area; certainly not strong enough to stand against a major incursion. The national police pretty much stay in their own compound, because they are also not at a level to protect themselves, let alone citizens. So, it’s just us and God. That said, I’m content with that arrangement. However, Aurea is struggling. I’ve suggested she take Jennifer and stay with her sister, but she is resisting.


So, please again, pray for us. I pray for our testimony through this experience, even more than for our own protection. I don’t want to do or say anything that will incorrectly depict God and His sovereignty.


Dan Evans
Datu Wali Mission