Joppa The Ostrich joins choir



Joppa The Ostrich joins choir

  Poetry by Lisa

Sunday morning Joppa jumps from her nest at the first sign of daylight. She longs to be accepted and makes another attempt in finding a friend.

Someone who would just like her the way she is.

Choir practice is her choice this week. All dolled up in her fine long beads, long dangling earrings and her lips covered in red.

She ruffles her feathers, and off she runs!

Oh, I sure hope I am not late, I am so excited!

Today, will be the day, I say, today will be the day I will find a friend.

Who will be my friend, O Lord?

Who is the one who likes me just the way I am?                               

I am Joppa the Ostrich, my legs are long, but I sure can run.

my hair is gray, the one I have all curled and set.

My neck is long and stretches high, to see above the crowd,

i will sing a praise, I sure hope it’s liked by all who hear.

Who is the one who will be my friend?

Joppa excited joins in the choir, she begins to sing with her high pitched voice,

her heart is filled; for she loves the Lord.

All is silent, a pin drop is heard, she stands alone and sings her song.

To whom is this, the people say,

A Ostrich that can sing this way.

From where is she that sings so sweet, an Ostrich with a voice of praise.

Does the Lord hear this voice lifted up for all to hear;

A Ostrich that sings so dear.

A love that only God can give,

Joppa the Ostrich, filled with joy.

Her song is heard throughout the land, her voice consumes the most hated of men, a song she sang unto the Lord;

has reached the heavens and the Lord rejoiced! Her name is known throughout the land,

the Ostrich who sang a song of love.

She found her friend, the One who is near

She found her friend, the One who cares

She found her friend in Jesus that day

As she sang her song, He listened and said,

""Joppa, I Am your friend, Jesus, the One who hears the song you sing,

the song of love has reached My ears.

I Am Here!