Flattery Lips

In 1Corin. 12 Paul says, "Let me make a fool of myself." or something like that. Well, I am going to do the same.
I have been on a journey. I have been searching myself for a long time now, for not only truth, but reality.
I pick up the remote for the television and see preachers and pastors’ saying, "Give God money and God will give you wealth." "Pay your tithe and God will bless you abundantly."
Then I wonder, "Why do we have to pay God for what is already His, or do we have to pay God rent for living on this planet?"
The answer is clear that Jesus paid our ransom, our debt. Psalm 85. Do I give? Well, that is nobody’s concern but God’s and mine, and yes, the day God reveals the motives in my heart, you will know.
You may think, this woman is bitter? No, I am not bitter, but concerned that many will continue to be mislead by those who are spreading thier tables with the wealth of the ones God told us to give to in the first place. The widow, the orphan, and those who are in need. Read for yourself Isaiah 58 and Acts 4:32. You will not find flattery on this page, sometimes you will not agree with what I write, and that is ok! Most of the time, I will not agree with other’s views or philosophy either, and you will not move me, no matter how hard you try. But one thing I know is true, we live in a fallen world, people are hurting, children are hungry, women are being abused, babies are being killed by the hand of violence.
I would like to think that being a Christian is all flowers and sunshine, but it’s not! Being a servant to the Lord, is clearly being a servant to all. And if that means some of those preachers’ need to sell their jet’s and limo’s and all that junk they are collecting to do what is right in the eyes of God and Jesus Christ who is on the seat of judgement and He will reveal to all the motives of every mans heart, then get rid of those flattery lips and start speaking the truth about the Only True God, The Living King of kings, and Lord of lords.
Jesus Christ.
On this page are links to give directly to those who are in need. Also in the House of Prayer, I would gladly give you the contact person of whom you would like to help in thier time of need. Please by all means read the Sciptures for yourself and remember that you don’t have to pay God for anything, He is the Giver of all things, through Christ Jesus.