Day’s Journey

Every day is a Journey
Every day is a Day’s Journey, from the moment you wake up until the moment you lie down to sleep; even so, you are on a journey; and your destination is heavenward. God called you his through His Son.
Every moment of the day choices will be made as we follow the hand that leads on the Highway of Holiness, letting go of everything that hinders our walk and learning how to draw from Him, learning, leaning, trusting and relying on Him to provide every spiritual need in His abundance to accomplish the purpose of His Heart.
Today let go of everything into the Hands of the Creator, your loved ones, possessions, and relationships. Let God have His way and pray for strength as you rest in His Presence. Trust that everything He made is being perfected in Christ. Pray that your loved ones will grow stronger in the Lord and that nothing, not even you will steal thier affections for Christ.
Psalm 85