Thankful heart

This morning Jesus said a thankful heart is the prime that pumps up living water, a refreshing spring not only for yourself, but for others as well.  He said to thank him nomatter how I may be feeling.
 Honestly, I was a bit snippy and feeling a little overwhelmed and I couldn’t really think of anything at the moment to be thankful for. But I know for a fact, through my own experience that an ungrateful heart wells up muddy water, and it stinks! When something stinks, I don’t want to even get close to it.
One day I asked Janelle, "How do I smell?" She looked at me and asked what meant by that statement. I said, "Janelle, how does my attitude smell?"
Without even a thought, she said, "YOU STINK!"
So, Here goes and May the Lord use this to bring joy and peace like a flowing river of clean refreshing water to you and me.
Heavenly Father,
Thank you for the glourious gift of Your Spirit that wells up in us as we bring you this sacrifice of gratitude.
Thank you for leading us in the truth and knowledge of Your Son and by trusting in Him, He gives us strength.
Thank you for guiding our thoughts into the truth that leads to life.
Thank you for Your Spirit that enables us to see things in Your Perspective
Thank you for Your unfailing love that strengthens us in all situations
Thank you for friends, sisters, brothers, children and giving us the gift to laugh alot!
Thank you for husbands and wives that hold up the pillar of love and truth and Your Promises for thier children, even when there is adversity!
Thank you for our children and giving them wisdom and dicernment in making right choices.
Thank you for opportunities to Trust You more……………………………………………
If you would like to add to this, by all means, do so. We are One in Christ, and One in Spirit, we are One Family in the Kingdom of God, through Christ Jesus.A friend is a Repairer of Broken Walls, Restorer of Streets and Dwellings. Is.58:12